Bacon and Tomato Tagliatelle

Today I had a bit of a predicament! I had some bacon to use up. I had the recipe in mind, but I’d left my magazine at work…

So I turned to minimins:












I didn’t have to wait too long for a reply so I got out my new knives and got to work:


Bacon and Tomato Tagliatelle

275g dried tagliatelle 
Fry light
275g thick cut dry cured smoked back bacon rashers roughly chopped
250g button mushrooms
1 red pepper deseeded and roughly chopped
400g can chopped tomatoes
1tsb Italian herb and spice blend
50ml veg stock
1tbsp tomato purée
Salt and ground black pepper
Handful of fresh flat leaf parsley finely chopped
A lettuce tomato cucumber and radish salad dressed with lemon juice to serve

Cook pasta according to packet instructions, drain and return to the pan

Place a large pan sprayed with frylight over medium heat and fry bacon for 1-2 mins. Add mushrooms and red pepper and fry for another 1-2 mins


Add the canned tomatoes herb and spice, stock and tomato purée and being to the boil. Turn heat down to medium low for 6-8 mins


Add the Sauce to the pasta season and toss well divide into 4 shallow bowls.



Round 2 ….by choice

I have just come home from Tunisia where I actually dared to wear a bikini at the heaviest I have ever been and felt good about it

13st 7lb and I was comfortable in a bikini??? …. I have really shocked myself!

Accepting what I look like at my biggest has helped me to fall in love with my body the way it is. I even noticed that by me being so comfortable in my own skin other people treated me differently, I looked happier in my pictures, I enjoyed my meals on holiday, and I got an ALL OVER tan .

My weight or my appearance was last of my insecurities and I am really proud of that … its been a long time.

I am now trying Slimming World again, not out of desperation, but out of choice to eat healthier, look better, feel better and have a plan that will keep me on track. I feel so relaxed about it all this time and determined to take it slowly realistically and enjoy losing weight.

So here goes…

pokka dot bikini

Hidden Athlete

On my way to achieving this…


I was greeted with this:

It made me giggle and take larger strides up the stairs to MY treadmill.

My eating habits have been terrible but my exercise has been something I am becoming addicted to committed to!

This excites me because it proves dedication really can change my habits!

Obviously on the weightloss side of things the bad eating habits vs good exercise habits are cancelling each other out therefore Im maintaing a 7lb weightloss!

I have been distracted this week and then the bank holiday just whisked me away into a whirlwind of whispers …. “Eat what you want and work it off at the gym”

“Enjoy today and start with a fresh mind tomorrow”

“Crash diet 3 days before weigh-in and get the results you want”

I am not going to give up … Instead this week I am going to challenge myself to

1) Concentrating on what I can eat rather than what I can’t by trying out 3 new recipes

2) Dusting off my food diary and writing not only what I plan to eat but a true picture of what I have actually eaten.

3) I will go to class on Wednesday even if I suspect a gain/maintain

4) I will do my 30 day shred 3 times as well as my 5K Runner this week

Here is my progress week by week so far:

Week 1: 4.5lb loss = 4.5lb
Week 2: 0.5lb loss = 5lb
Week 3: 0.5 loss = 5.5lb
Week 4: 1.5 loss = 7lb
Week 5: 0lb loss = 7lb
Week 6: 0lb loss = 7lb

Picture This

I’ve neglected the physical side of life while my body has been crying at the fact that it was created into a female form!
(No I am NOT contemplating a sex change because I feel I am a man trapped in a womans body)

I have been on my period which has for the first time given me a severe headache and a lack of will to communicate with my only son never mind a pair of trainers and a treadmill!

If you are a reader of my Life Journal you will know that I am currently commtted to a CBT course! My homework this week (among many tasks) is to add activities into my Activity Schedule that I know change my mood therefore change my thinking! Natually I scheduled in my couch to 5k running!

So this morning when my headache moved to only one side of my head! I got the Only Son ready for school, pulled on my gym gear, pressed RiRi into my ear and set off for some phsical activity!

I thought WK2 Day 2 would be like starting from square one regarding my fitness levels as I completed WK1 Day 1 about a week ago! It was actually quite easy and made me feel quite giddy!

Picture this… Me, giddy, on the treadmill, my head tilted to one side because of the onesided headache, curls flying everwhere and round red face!

I’m a catch


Excuses, Excuses

I’m full of excuses:
“I’m having a bad day”

“I’m due on my period”

“I just want to use my syns in one day and enjoy them”

“I’m addicted and today I’m not strong”

“I just needed to have a sugar rush, you wouldn’t understand”

“I’m not focused”

“I’m not organised”

Today Im just gonna be honest

I’M HUMAN and for the next few hours Im gonna sit on the sofa and enjoy being human until I feel sick!


Don’t worry I’ll be back to my angelic self in the morning with a good healthy hearty breakfast …

I really fancy chicken kiev…

No matter how full I am the thought of this recipe I found in the Slimming World magazine makes me feel peckish! It has set the standard for my scrapbook recipe book!

You have to try it:


Chicken Kiev

Serves: 4

The magazine states that each kiev is 3 syns on EE, but if you save 1/2 Healthy Extra A and 1/2 Healthy Extra B it will be syn free.

2 slices of wholmeal bread from a small loaf
1 medium egg
100g of philidelphia light/ extra light
2 garlic cloves (I used 2tsp of lazy garlic)
4 skinless breasts
Fry Light
Salt and Pepper

Ingredients I added:
Chilli powder

1. Start by preheating your oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6

2. Whizz the wholemeal bread in a food processor! (I used my blender and it created perfect bread crumbs.) Transfer the bread crumbs to a plate

3. Beat the egg with 1 tsp of water and season (I added paprika and chllli powder ) Set the egg aside in a shallow bowl.

4. Mix the phillidelphia cheese with the garlic and parsley and season (I also added chives and basil)

5. Using a sharp knife cut a pocket into each chicken breast! Spoon a quarter of the cheese mixture into each, then close and secure with cocktail sticks ( if you have any…. I didnt use any)

6. Coat each chicken breast in the egg mixture then roll in the breadcrumbs (until it looks like a little hamster … Joke) and spray with fry light

7. Place in a frying pan over a medium heat and fry the chicken for about 5 mins. Turning once. Here is a pic of what mine looked like so far:


8. Remove from the frying pan and re-spray with fry light. Transfer to a roasting tray and place in the oven to cook for 20 – 25 mins:

Serve with potatoes and salad

(or homemade chips and peas)